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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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i can't complain about this only time i got it you never been allowed to ask where germany is totally controlled by russia not holding back donald trump lashes out at germany and slams nato members for not paying their way at a tense meeting in brussels. on. live from london also coming up. an upbeat rally but it's a very serious issue thousands of opposition supporters gather in zimbabwe's capital to call for a free and fair elections. we're live in england and croatia fans are gearing up for the game that will decide who plays fronts in sunday's world cup final. and
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back down in libya why honey for halftime is handing back control of major oil facilities. go first to brussels for what's supposed to be a standard nato summit it's usually a predictable affair but not this time and that's because donald trump is that the u.s. president didn't waste time in demanding nato need is increased defense spending and a public attack on germany from brussels our diplomatic editor james baines reports . never has the u.s. commitment to its nato allies look to the shaky is this even before the summit had started president trump used his breakfast with nato secretary general to attack his allies focusing on one in particular germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from sixty to seventy percent of their energy from russia and
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a new pipeline and you tell me if that's appropriate because i think it's not and i think it's a very bad thing for nato and i don't think it should have happened and i think we have to talk to germany about it the secretary general look taken aback maybe it's the lawrenceville trying to bite me but the president kept up his extraordinary attack but germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it's getting so much energy from russia so we're supposed to protect germany's. energy from russia chancellor merkel who's just survived a bruising political battle at home had this response to this fresh assault. that's entitled to its months i have myself witnessed that parts of germany were controlled by the soviet union and i am very happy that today we are unified in freedom as the federal republic of germany and that's why we can say that we make our own policies and we make our own decisions. despite that comment she looked as though the ferocity of trump's words had affected her she was hardly smiling as she
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interacted with the others. the president and the chancellor of ordered each other out walking at different ends of the procession then what's known as the family photo and we're at a time of family feud as helicopters flew overhead the tension was high the leaders clearly aware of the current divisions are among the most serious this alliance has faced in its almost seventy years of existence. finally when chancellor merkel and president trump actually met the language was much more conciliatory than earlier. versions. perhaps the president decided to back down he's been known in the past to avoid confrontation in face to face meetings or the two decided to declare a truce for now either way damage has been done to us germany relations and to the image of unity they wanted to project here. by diplomatic letter james bays joins
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us live now from brussels where james aside from the trumps that what about this idea that that all these nations should contribute to four percent of their g.d.p. how realistic is this demand from trump. well i have to say we don't know if it's a serious proposal for president trump we have to assume it is i am not sure the other nato leaders will take it seriously they certainly will have heard it but they'll know this will be really difficult political suicide for most of them at home to spend that much money on defense they know it would be a difficult undertaking to actually procure all the equipment they'd need to recruit all the military personnel that they would need they would know that if you have that increased you going to double or triple the size of most of
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europe's militaries that that is going to be something that will be provocative to china. to russia it would certainly cause peace campaigners around the world i'm sure to take to the streets so it really is very very unlikely to happen and it's interesting in the final communique nato leaders again stressed that they want to stick with the current plan which was a plan in twenty fourteen over a ten year period to twenty twenty four to try and get the spending up to two percent defense spending in each country two percent of g.d.p. but also worth telling you in that communicate they're already saying they don't think a third of the nato countries are actually going to manage that was that they said that the attack on on merkel is it your impression it was a kind of a deliberate move on on trump's behalf. i think so i think it was quite deliberate because the cameras were in the room at the time of
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the cameras were not as they are put on or should straight out at the start of the meeting they were allowed to stay there and listen to this extraordinary attack and it may just be that the president has got a bit of a taste for this disruption on the international say we saw what happened at the g. seven summit where he refused to sign the final communique when he was on the plane leaving it on air force one i think he thinks that this sort of interaction telling other world leaders what he thinks of them is good for him domestically and particularly with his political base space thank you very much indeed. zimbabwe's main opposition party says this month's presidential election won't go ahead unless there are changes to the voting system m.d.c. party supporters are protesting in the capital harare accusing the election
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commission of poor preparation ahead of the vote party leader nelson. risa or spot papers to be printed independently past elections have been marred by accusations of vote rigging her much as they she is from harare. opposition supporters in zimbabwe say there are too many goals to voters and the votes in style they say some names i.p.m. more than once they say some addresses don't exist and some i.d.'s and look suspicious it might seem to be electoral commission in the capital harare demanding that something should be examined modest officials at the electoral commission said i had said that the algorithm to listen to the concerns was listened started but they say it was not even they don't know was to vote says on the votes are all either the inside proposition or someone said they see off the ballot paper but they are demanding to say they want to be able to be taken to make so they don't
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know it and that is they had anxiety that is glad to try to make this election the next or the most insistent bob was law does not allow an opposition supporters to look at the paper before god said for security reasons but these people say they are not having that and they threatening to try and stop the election from going ahead if that does not happen the next time it was on june i think here international observers already in the country are watching the games and very very closely are going to be the first election without robert reviving the former president on the ballot so was. sixty s. . they are just an hour away from kickoff in the second world cup semifinal and you end up playing croatia for a place in the final gets france we have correspondents standing by with fans in
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both countries edition how gee it could reach is out of files or in the croatian capital zagreb as talk to him first so how difficult a side is england for for the croatians do you think. if i heard you correctly because the code here is true but really for the moment it appears that. you noticed that the fitzpatrick second when the game started probably going to be like that because. for the first several such a poll an illegitimate play written. and. very hard to fully read it was a game play sure way to expect grisha double that even when he's really good otherwise other people could use it to get through a little bit in a way but the. difference to go slow.
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racial polarization loses get everybody believes killigrew a shitload of the full game and code oh it's that because of. the polling imagine but here it goes is because i mean the shops are closed earlier today to people live more clearly don't vote for the better for the match the better for the kickoff one to watch the game and probably they expect out of the game still bring the big victory would be one step forward for grayson mitchell to fine years since i don't know ted their national team managed to play the same finals because the game froze and everybody believes that the christian with. an opportunity to revenge would say revenge two fronts in the final game was to shun having a connection thank you and i was cross that in the wellings is it day in and fans i'm in london's hyde park is there a degree of confidence there are people just showing off their fingernails. well there is now finally i believe the route england's going to somehow to go all now
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and win this world cup which would have been considered incredible a few bricks ago this is a charge about. tens of thousands of people to pick up tickets flight for the lucky one. the concert about this but our friends when i bring guns when the same got into this talk about the very day i was expected of them a young saying i noticed over the suffered so many years because i was what was considered a heavy white noise of the people of that war charles because after the one nine hundred sixty six world cup actually on a dish i'll put a couple of moments basically you're on either side which put a little some focus coming out of european championship anger did quite well in the tournament it was a feel good fight so i tell you all the feel good factor has been involved but by this country over the past two weeks generally people walking around smiling because the sun has been shining on brought them to wait i think when just facing the team sort of put in front of them i'm going to have applied the hardest quality opposition that i must not trying to produce a good shot but these people i can tell you but maybe they're very proud of all the
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type of achieve i want to our south it is rice called the shots over and out of christ concentrate it's a pleasure to chill out with this time he raises all torture and later on thank you very much and you. watching the. news live from london still on the program. more protests expected in haiti as anger mounts have the government's plan to raise fuel prices. and the first images imagine twelve tire boy is recovering in hospital after that dramatic rescue from a flooded cave. well look at the levant and western parts of asia first of all it's a largely fine picture across the bulk of the region just one of two showers in the extreme east otherwise sunny around the caspian sea thirty eight there for tara
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again very whole conditions for baghdad in iraq and find iraq on the eastern side the mediterranean with the saving grace to get those sea breezes there just to keep things a bit more pleasant twenty nine in beirut should be a very nice day. they moving into the arabian peninsula temperatures low to mid forty's generally as you'd expect at this time of the year but also some cloud across southern regions. looks like being quite cloudy through the day temperatures there much lower twenty seven degrees here in qatar the winds are extremely light and that means the humidity is creeping up so temperatures only forty three degrees but the humidity level run about thirty to forty percent is extremely sticky at the moment as you move down to southern portions of africa weather conditions are looking fine for the most popular have got some rain affecting cape town cheering thursday heading through to friday we should find a fresher conditions coming through but it will be brighter elsewhere plenty of sunshine around temperatures there of twenty in harare lots of showers across central parts of africa quite a long way north to see even
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a chance you might see want to downpours in bamako in mali.
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in one of the top stories. the u.s. president has told nato leaders to increase their defense spending to four percent of their economic output that's double his previous demand which was the group's original goal. before that donald trump opened the nato summit in brussels with a public attack on germany saying it's totally controlled by moscow because it buys billions of dollars of russian oil and gas. zimbabwe's main opposition party has marched to the country's electoral commission demanding reforms it says a vital for a credible vote later this month. more antigovernment protests planned in haiti as pressure grows on the president joan and marie's to step down and they have been four days of unrest over the government's plan to raise fuel prices in the impoverished nation stores have been looted and protests as i've said how barricades in the streets. is going to cover his own to his in the haitian capital
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port au prince so tell us what the the pressure the prime minister has been speaking what's he been saying. you know he just finished what was billed as a press conference that just didn't get it started over an hour late and it was a much watched. address by the prime minister jacques de la paul calm because he's under incredible pressure to step down even more pressure than the president of haiti he came out and he spoke for literally under one minute and all he said was that he met with the head of the parliament they had a good discussion he said he heard the complaints from people on the streets he was trying to deal with that and that was all he said most notably the prime minister gave zero indications that he plans to step down and again that's significant because most of the protesters and most people in this country quite frankly are pressuring the president to ask him to step down and vocalizing themselves that
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they think the prime minister needs to step down as the first step in this economic and political crisis that has swept the country of haiti but again no indications from the prime minister that he plans to do that and gabriel how organized is all this is that people spontaneously wanting to go out and protest or do you think it's actually more organized throughout the country to to deliver this kind of pressure on the government. i think it's organized in the sense that these protests began after the last late last week after the announcement by the prime minister that he was going to raise fuel prices. and why it's spread nationwide and why it's so intense these protests that we've seen is because it affects all walks of life here in haiti the gas prices being raised the diesel prices being raised again which he backed away from statics the middle class people's cars that affect business owners who need trucks and the fuel to transport
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their products throughout the country that so that effect but also there was over a fifty percent proposal for increasing prices of terrorist seen that affect hundreds of thousands of the poorest people here in haiti because they rely on terrorist seemed to power their homes because this is a country that doesn't have twenty four hour electricity in many parts of the country to sell the poor that we're going to be affected you saw the middle class and also business owners as well because their costs would have gone up over all this pretty much pushed haitians over the edge if you will they're concerned about a lot of things corruption infrastructure transportation but this gas hike or at least the proposed wonder for the government backed away. set everyone ablaze here upset and that's why you saw the huge anger i should say that the parliament we expect is still planning a no confidence vote against the prime minister this saturday we'll see if that goes ahead or not if they vote no confidence against a prime minister that could potentially push him out of power gamer is known as
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thank you very much indeed. dimas in thailand to help to bring twelve school boys and their football coach to safety from a flooded cave and called the rescue a miracle the boys are still in hospital but on the road to recovery to report. they're looking surprisingly healthy considering their ordeal the rescued boys are being isolated from their parents to reduce the risk of infection in hospital. jan gave his son a big thumbs up when he saw him he was one of the first to stop looking for his son long blue when he disappeared almost three weeks ago. i didn't feel confident that my boy can do this even though he knows how to swim but i'm not sure if he's a good swimmer he only got basic swimming lessons at school but i'm very happy and proud he came out safely he can't wait to hold his son but understands it might take
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a few more days. the first thing i want to do is hug him all parents have the same feeling i want to see the face of my child and embrace him and ask him how he feels and how he's doing the five hour long hazardous journey out of the narrow flooded gate system has taken its toll on the children and their coach the commander of the time navy seal divers who played a vital role in the rescue says they were very called mast. the boys got special full face masks with oxygen circulating all the time the divers carried them out and they were wearing wet suits to keep them warm we made them relaxed and calm and slowly moved them out but they were very cold. the complexity of the rescue operation became clear when trucks full of equipment drove away hours after the last cave rescue was completed twenty tons of oxygen tanks ropes lights and food supplies have been ferried underground clean up has started after a rescue operation unprecedented for its scale and complexity has been called an
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extraordinary example of human strength and resilience family one cape and the rescue of the wild boars soccer team will now go down in history of the moment where the impossible was made possible. while their families school friends and everyone else in thailand celebrated their safe return the footballers will have to stay in the hospital for at least a week to recover hoping that the first talk with their parents will be sooner than that that fast and al-jazeera john right thailand. japan's prime minister has visited areas hit by the worst flooding in the country for three decades and promised to help the survivors pledging four billion dollars towards recovery shinzo abe a spoke to survivors sheltering in an evacuation center in the western city of courage shiki more than forty of the one hundred seventy six people who died in the floods and landslides lived there dozens remain missing from the right has more.
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visit comes as emergency teams continue to search through debris and destroyed houses looking for some of the people who are still missing thousands of people remain displaced meanwhile thousands more are gradually returning to their homes to assess the damage and figure out how to rebuild for shinzo rbs government this is a chance to assess how it deals with extreme weather events such as this especially if people here believe these have now become the norm rather than freak occurrences japan is already well advanced in preparing for natural disasters it has to be given the prevalence of tsunamis and earthquakes it seems you can now add to that list extreme storms such as this and this visit by a seems to be a recognition of the priority it's now giving to this. libya's national oil corporation says it's reopening key oil terminals following closures due to
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fighting between rival groups. based says the country's oil production was dramatically hit by the fighting forces led by holly for have to shut down the ports of rest the new and the city last month after will head is following developments from tripoli. after three weeks of blockade finally warlord has responded to the international pressure by international players and he has decided to hand over the oil terminals in the east of the country to the internationally recognized the tripoli based national oil corporation now according to the n.o.c. the national oil corporation their oil exporting operations are going to be resumed in the oil terminals after three weeks of blockade we understand that the meeting that was held in room on tuesday was held by the united states representatives and also representatives from italy the u.k.
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and france and that pressure that was put on the eastern rivals especially. for hefted and the presidency of the parliament and that message according to informant sources was meant to isolate the oil sector away from any conflict in the east of the country according to the national oil corporation there too to loss of the three weeks of blockade by have to his forces has cost the libyan budget around one billion dollars since the beginning of the conflict on the fourteenth of last june now the end of the conflict or the hand over of the oil terminals to the national oil corporation does not mean the end of the conflict in the east of the country we understand that have to had plans to hand over the oil terminals to their parallel corporation to the rival and to see the evil oil corporation which
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is a liar to the top of the best government now we understand that the. handover of the oil terminals to the tripoli national oil corporation does not mean the end of the conflict as have that its forces are still based in the oil terminals and they are trying to put themselves as the guardian of the oil terminals. reports from greece suggest the government is planning to expel two russian diplomats because of attempts to undermine its recent deal in the name of macedonia that deal opens the way for what will now be called the northern republic of macedonia to join nato russia strongly opposes john psaropoulos reports the statement from the greek government spokesman simply says greece wants good relations with all states but doesn't mean it that doesn't mean it can accept behavior which doesn't show respect for international law there is an indirect confirmation of the imminent
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expulsion of two russian diplomats in the interfax russian news agency wire quoted by royce's which says that if greece expels to diplomats then russia will expel two greek diplomats and there is an indirect confirmation of this tit for tat expulsion on wednesday from a foreign ministry official to whom i spoke who said to me that we did nothing in the script case because we had no evidence that was the case in which a russian national was allegedly poisoned by russian agents in the u.k. but in this case he told me we do have evidence which obviously all builds up a picture that there is about to be. great ugliness on the greek russian. in the greek russian relationship possibly taking the form of tit for tat expulsions the greeks appear to be unhappy that russian embassy officials have
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been spreading propaganda or misinformation concerning greece's recent agreement with the former yugoslav republic of macedonia over the name deal whereby greece would finally recognize that country and allow it to enter nato this week. a german near nazi has been jailed for life for her part in the murders of ten people during a seven year campaign of racially motivated violence they had to ship or was part of the national socialist on the ground has members killed eight people of turkish origin as well as a german policewoman and greek citizen next on the airport. they are to ship a spent five years on trial for her part in multiple murders that shocked germany acting in the name of an organization inspired by the nazis the national socialist underground or any. of the i think the sentencing of misha to life in prison including the determination of serious culpability is consistent and correct michel
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it's not a woman who was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time rather she is a national socialist a racist and a murderer and she know has a hard bed to law in but she made her own bed and it will no probably be hers to law in for a long time to come. the case against ship it was that she was a willing accomplice in a three person cell targeting members of the tickets community their first victim was killed in nuremberg in two thousand and was a thirty eight year old businessman who ran a group of flower stalls at the time police struggled to find a motive. but we now know that shem chicks death was the start of a killing spree that would touch seven different german cities between two thousand and two thousand and seven claiming ten lives three people were killed in nuremberg two more were murdered in the bavarian capital munich the other five in cities outside bavaria eight of the victims were from the turkish community in all cases the victims were shot in the head at close range but what this map doesn't show is
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that after the last killing it took the authorities almost four years to track down the cell and then only after two of them had carried out an armed robbery been cornered by the police and then shot themselves before they could be arrested. it fueled accusations of incompetence by the authorities with some people suggesting some officers might have colluded with the n.a.s.u. . families of the victims say their ordeal has been made worse by the time it took for the trial to happen. why did the murderers choose my father i can't and won't simply believe that it was a coincidence four hundred thirty seven days of investigation and his questions weren't answered i have no closure because i have the feeling that not everything was done that could have been done because i'm sure that other accomplices are still walking around after her fellow conspirators deaths beata schipper handed herself in to police in twenty eleven during her trial she rarely spoken court except to deny being a member of the n.a.s.u.
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to disapprove of its actions and to express her regret for not having been able to prevent the murders the reality for her now though is that a guilty verdict main she spins at least fifteen years behind bars max banya al-jazeera. reminding our top stories around jazeera the us president has told nato leaders to increase their defense spending to four percent of the country's economic output that's two percent higher than the group's original goal donald trump also launched a public attack on germany saying it totally controlled by moscow because it buys billions of dollars of russian oil and gas outburst came during a breakfast meeting with nato pictures general installed. you know if you look at. germany it's a calculus all right there's a supply they get rid of their call to get rid of the nuclear they're getting so much of the world affairs from russia i think it's something that they are asked to
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look at i think it's very inappropriate jordyn wieber it's inappropriate i don't know what you can do about it but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they paid billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia to barbara's main opposition party has marched to the country's electoral commission to demand reforms it says a vital for a credible vote this month the movement for democratic change party insists there needs to be a deal on how to design print and store ballot papers to ensure the system is fair the country will pick a new president and members of parliament on july the thirtieth in the first election since robert mugabe was forced to resign late last year. more anti-government protests are planned in haiti as pressure grows on president juvenile maries to step down in four days of unrest over the government's plan to raise fuel prices in the impoverished nation which left several people dead. libya's national oil corporation says it's reopening key all terminals at tripoli
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based company says production was affected dramatically by fighting between rival groups forces led by holly for have to shut down the ports of rust the north and a sit in last month. england and croatia fans are gearing up for the second world cup semi fun to see who will take a place in the final against france kick off is it eighteen g.m.t. that's in about thirty minutes tens of thousands or millions in fact are expected to watch the game in their respective countries. as the top stories do stay with us here are there next up it's inside story i'll have news after you straight after that likes watching.
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what will it take for a smooth government ministers resigned britain's prime minister is accused of being soft on divorce from the e.u. but how counter reason may please everyone i'm convinced to this is inside story. welcome to the program. britain's prime minister its reason may is defending her plans for briggs it in the face of protest resignations from her governing conservative policy julia ministers as well as to vice chair of step down following the resignations of minister.


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